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home | Acid Test Chronicles | The Acid Test Chronicles Page 3 (Obs . . .

This poster sold in an E-Bay auction for $56,000 in 2008. The poster was hand-colored by Owsley. It is claimed to have hung up in the Fillmore Auditorium on the date of the event, but I do not believe this is necessarily true.
This poster sold in an E-Bay auction for $56,000 in 2008. The poster was hand-colored by Owsley. It is claimed to have hung up in the Fillmore Auditorium on the date of the event, but I do not believe this is necessarily true.

The Acid Test Chronicles Page 3 (Observations on the Paul Foster / Previously known as Norman Hartweg Poster)


   I have had several conversations now with Mountain Girl, who remembers a few details about the posters. I also had a conversation with Ken Kesey many years ago, and he shared a few details with me as well. Neither of these two people remember the details very well. Mountain Girl related these details to me, and I quote "Between Muir Beach and the Fillmore, we made about a dozen of those and painted them in, and gave them away as gifts. The ones we painted in, were never used for the events, they were made as gifts and given to friends. We stopped making them after the fillmore, because we moved on, and went on to other things, we were very busy and had little money to make lots of posters."


   Ken Kesey related this detail to me several years ago. When I asked him which ones are real, he replied, "The only ones that are real, are the ones that were colored in and had locations in the box."  - What is wrong with this statement?
   Obviously Kesey was mistaken about this detail, because Jacaeber owns one with the Fillmore written in, and it is blue, and Joe owns one which is blue from Pig Pen's brother, and also has Fillmore written in the box, and neither of these are colored.


   If we are to take this with a grain of salt, but use it as added info, it could fill in a few blanks along the way. The White and Blue colored posters which turned up in 2008 and were owned by Owsley were not "gifted" to him, since he colored them in personally, he obviously "gifted" them to himself, which leads to the question of whether or not they actually hung in the Fillmore Aud. at all, or were taken home by Owsley, colored in at home after the event.
Since Owsley was not one of the Merry Pranksters, and was not held in close company by them, according to George Walker, and since the posters were colored by Owsley and he ended up with them later on, leaves the question of whether or not the posters were actually used at the event, or kept by Owsley as souveneirs. I have to wonder, if he colored them in, why did he end up with them? He would have had to color them in, put them up, watch them all night, then take them down in the morning, for them to be genuinely used at the event. Situations like this make an item questionable. After all, how many posters do you hang up in one hall for an evening? 


   There is Phil's white Fillmore piece, Jacaeber's Blue Fillmore piece, the blue Pig Pen piece, and now the White Fillmore colored piece. That's 4 surviving Fillmore posters, and none were left up outside, so what did everyone do, make a bunch and bring them all home? No, that is not what happened. What makes the Fillmore in the box of the white colored poster even more questionable as to whether or not it was used at the actual event, is the fact that another one, colored the same, but blue, was sold together and came from Owsley as well. That means that at least one was colored in for the purposes of artwork, instead of being used to somehow promote the event. This would make sense and tie in with what Mountain Girl said about the posters that were colored were not used, but made as gifts, if it were not for the suspicious fact that Owsley "gifted" it to himself. The Pranksters never cared to hold onto anything themselves, everything was left behind, thrown out, given away, and "NOTHING LASTS", was the motto. That's the reason, everything has disappeared and barely anything from the acid tests survived. I don't question the authenticity of the poster itself, but I do question whether or not it was actually hung up and used at the actual Fillmore event.