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home | Acid Test Chronicles | The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 23 - . . .

This is one of two known posters for the Trouper's Club, or "Sunset" Acid Test
This is one of two known posters for the Trouper's Club, or "Sunset" Acid Test

The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 23 - Trouper's Club - (12th Acid Test [Sunset] - March 25, 1966

   Trouper's Club was the last Los Angeles Acid Test before Kesey headed down to Mexico. Very little is known about this Acid Test. Owsley designed the poster for the event. I have concluded this is likely what is referred to as the "Sunset" Acid Test. 1625 North La Brea is located 1/2 block off of Sunset and La Brea.

   "Trouper's Hall was the meeting room for a retired actors club in Hollywood. The rent for the gig couldn't have been much. We did everything ourselves, all in two days. We plastered handbills all over Hollywood. Stage decor was a few lengths of paisley cloth purchased that afternoon at a fabric store. For a box office, we had a card table and a cigar box.
   Our not-quite-full house must have had over a hundred people; and when the night was over, our net take was $75. At 2 o'clock in the morning, we went to Cantor's Deli on Fairfax and spent it all on dinner for everybody---with desert. -- Grateful Dead Family Album - Page 43

   "At their last show at Trouper's hall, Weir managed to rip out the seat of his pants. Lacking underwear or a replacement for his trousers, he spent the night facing the audience, sidestepping over to Tim Scully to tell him how to adjust his sound. It turned out not to be so bad. That night he also met a Playboy Playmate, a cordial redhead, and she didn't seem to mind the state of his wardrobe. Finally Rock lined up a booking back home at the Longshoreman's Hall that would pay them the respectable sum of $375. It required no persuasion for everyone to pack up and flee Los Angeles. " -- A Long Strange Trip - Dennis McNally - Page 138