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The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 28 - Jerry Garcia Original Crayon Hand-Colored Warlocks Acid Test Poster ORIGINAL ARTWORK

   "The next summer, Jerry (age 16) enrolled in an art program at what's now the San Francisco Museum of Art Institute, where he honed his drawing skills. He delighted in producing the most amazingly convoluted, multifaceted images -- almost Escher-like, but at once more figurative and more abstract. He also spent time hanging out with the Beats in North Beach and continuing to play guitar." -- Searching for the Sound - Phil Lesh - Page 25

   "Garcia did his first LSD trip sometime in 1964. He recounted his first experience on acid: "All of us people who'd been taking various kinds of drugs together...we got this LSD, we all took it, glop, glop, here in Palo Alto, and we just wandered round and round the streets bumping into each other and having these incredible revelations and flashes, it was just dynamite...we were playing around in this house, we had a couple of Superballs...we bounced them around and we were reading comic books, doodling, strumming guitars...we were rediscovering the world." -- Captain Trips - Sandy Troy - Page 66

   "Still, the album was a big deal in San Francisco, and it symbolized the rising fortunes of the cream of the local bands. Garcia appeared on the front and back covers of the album smiling benignly and dressed in an indigo paisley valour shirt, his long black hair crowned by an American flag top hat. In the credits he was listed as "Captain Trips" Garcia, a Prankster moniker concocted by Kesey in late 1965." -- Garcia: American Life - Blair Jackson - Page 125

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