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Gain immediate access to the PosterBase Database, the first and only one of it's kind, Price Guide Book and FREE online Image-Supplement for posters and handbills.
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home | Feature Articles | Instructions on How to Use PosterBas . . .

Instructions on "How to Use PosterBase"

The way to use PosterBase is as follows :

1.) Figure out what you're looking for...Headlining Act, etc.

2.) Determine if the Band is on the list, and if it is, then look it up under the Band name or most popular act on the list.

3.) Check the Poster or Handbill artist - If the Band name is not listed, or if the item is not found under the Band name, and the artist for the poster is listed, then look it up under the poster artist.

4.) Check the Venue for the Item . If the item is not found under the headlining Band name, or poster artist, then check under the Venue where the event was performed.

5.) If the item is a BG Series, Family Dog, or BGP, New Fillmore Denver, etc., then it will be under that particular section, regardless of the popularity of the band or artist.

6.) If you know the item is in the Art of Rock or Art of Modern Rock, then you can also look it up by the A.O.R. # (This is all cross referenced) 

   One way or the other, you can look up the item you're looking for with relative ease and the more you get accustomed to using the database, the easier it will become to find what you're looking for. It's very easy to look up info on any Band, Poster or Handbill.

   First, Second, and Third Printings are listed on the same page for easy comparison. Every Event is listed on it's own seperate page and there are NO popups or ads to slow down the loading of pages. If you ever have a problem finding something, try our "Search Engine", and that may help make things easier to find. 

   The Rarity Rating works as follows :

1). Usually less than 10 copies known to exist.

2). A Rare piece which does not come up for sale very often, and is usually well sought after. Includes Numbered Print runs up to 99 Prints.

3). an item of some rarity, but obtainable if pursued for a short time. Runs of less than 500 are usually included, unless poster is newer and often available. Usually includes Numbered Print runs from 100 up to 300 Prints

4). Usually obtainable without much effort, a piece which is more common but still not sold all the time. Usually includes Numbered Print runs from 300 to 500 Prints

5). The most common item. Available almost, if not, all the time. Usually Includes Numbered Print runs over 500

   The Known Flaws, Quirks, and other Notes to Consider : 

    There are some mistakes, so please help me out when you come across them. It would be appreciated. 
   1). There are links on the bottom in an area called "Related Articles". DO NOT Click on those links. Instead, use the links from the Posterbase Portal Entry Page, or the previous Pop-Up Page that you were just on. Using the links on the bottom will cause endless browser pop-ups. These will slowly be removed.   
   2). Some images are a little distorted due to "image resizing", causing pixel distortion. It does not mean the poster looks "identical" and it does not imply that the poster is a bootleg. When a person loads a picture up, I do my best to capture the exact size, but when it's too big, it must be resized, and this can cause some pictures to look distorted, and lines do not look as "smooth". This is not a factor when viewing the image, only when trying to determine VERY fine subtleties of differences between printings. This cannot be changed, so I do the best I can in relation to image capture to get as close as I can to the correct size. In most cases, this is not an issue to be concerned with. But it may be noticed from time to time, so I mentioned it here for informative purposes.
   3). Occasionally, but very seldom, mistakes are made when taking down info, due to the use of tools like cut and paste, a date could look like 20024, because I made the mistake of not changing the 2, or removing it from the 2002, when I added the 4. If you see this, most likely, it is an error and the correct date is 2004, not 2002. This only happened a few times. I caught most of them, I believe.
   4). Occasionally, but very seldom, a closing price could show, but it says the item was not won, or the item won, but the reserve was not met. Contradictory info that does not lead the reader to any definite conclusion of the price or value. This may have happened a few times, but also VERY rarely, since i am a stickler for "details". It is only due to human error. Please forgive the few mistakes and point them out to me, if you come across them. 
   5). If a seller lists an item as a 1st Printing, and I don't happen to notice it, or know the difference, then the item could appear in the database listed as a 1st Printing. The best way to know is to compare several listings and look for items that say (Reputable Seller, if there is any question.)
   6). When I list an entry, I don't necessarily check the Rarity Rating I used previously. Because the more an item comes up for sale, the less rare it could be viewed as being, I cannot always go back and change the previous Rarity Rating, so in some cases, there may be fluctuating Rarity Ratings. The Rarity Rating system should be used, as all entry information, as a guide ONLY, to help make a more informed decision when selling or buying an item.  
   (Please Report ANY Broken Links or links that take you back outsite the site. (Those are "Broken Links".) Thank you.

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