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Gain immediate access to the PosterBase Database, the first and only one of it's kind, Price Guide Book and FREE online Image-Supplement for posters and handbills.
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About this Site

   Welcome to Postertrip.com, a website which distributes PosterBase, the book, and maintains a Free Online Image Supplement for those who purhchase the book. PosterBase is a brand new, one-of-a-kind Price Guide of "Prices Realized", or "True Values", of Rock & Roll Concert Posters & Handbills. 
   PosterBase is a comprehensive resource of valuable information for collectors and concert poster art fans.  PosterBase offers the collector information which can be found nowhere else, and will save the collector substantial amounts of money in the long run.
   Up until now, only the very few exceptional collectors had the information necessary to be succesful making money buying and selling Rock & Roll collectables, and the main reason for this is because it takes years to accumulate the information to know the differences between various printings of posters.
   As well, only a few people knew the difference between various printings of ultra rare posters. The only guide available until now was Eric King's Guide and it is only good for documenting the Family Dog & Bill Graham Series Posters, as well as Moscoso and the Grande Ballroom Series. Of course, credit is given to Eric King for his tremendous contribution, but now it's time to expand the amount of knowledge that's available in one place, and that is the purpose of PosterBase. 
   In the near future, we will be offering a small, selected assortment of items to purchase.

Terms of Use
We invite our subscribers to enjoy all the features this site has to offer. But we must require that each subscriber abide by certain rules so that no one's rights are stepped on. . . . keep reading
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    (PosterTrip & PosterBase are a work in progress and this project is the first and only one of it's kind in the world. This project is entirely new, original and unique.)  Text and layout are copyright  (c) Postertrip 2005, 2006
    All Rights Reserved.
    All images are copyright by the artists, bands, and promotors. 
    No claims are made to the ownership of any of the images presented here.
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